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Check Cashing & Bill Paying in Baltimore, Maryland

The New Garden Inn, located in Baltimore, Maryland, is a check cashing and Western Union® establishment that also specializes in money orders, bill paying, and lottery tickets. Since 1988, we have provided our valued customers with both the best prices and most efficient service in the areas of:

• Bill Paying
• Check Cashing
• Money Orders
• Western Union®

• Lottery Tickets/Scratch Offs
• Liquor & Beer Sales
• Cigarette & Tobacco Sales
• Notary

Service & Satisfaction
We always provide great customer service, especially when our elderly customers need help writing out bills or money orders. For more than 15 years, we have provided the highest standards of excellence, efficiency, service, and satisfaction.

Coupon, Money Orders in Baltimore, MD


We give free tickets of up to $30 for Pick 3 or Pick 4. Lottery ticket cashing is available for any amount up to and including $600.


Contact us in Baltimore, Maryland, for more information about our wide range of services.